[Samba] slow speeds with Windows 10

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Mon Aug 8 19:50:34 UTC 2016

L.P.H. van Belle schreef op 08-08-2016 16:42:

> My advice would be get a cable tester. Or see if you can loan some
> cable to test, with what your saying im almost sure you have a bad
> cable/connector/ethernet port somewhere.

No no, wifi is not faster than ethernet, much slower. Ethernet speed I 
have seen at 60MB/s. Obviously that is Gbit.

> And check if you synoligy supports gigabit networks and put in a
> gigabit swich. Then see if you wifi is still faster then you ethernet.
> If you model is a 1xx, what happens when you disable https?
> DSM version is?

I have no issues with wired. The Wifi is a TP-Link 1043 router (old 
model) and should be fine (it was very popular). I am hard pressed to 
try other wifi devices (can only use my phone as a second device) (but 
it has a cifs download thing; it didn't go higher than about 1MB per 
second though when I tried (I think).

I never used "N" networking before, I had my router configured at G 
previously. Clearly the phone became much faster when I switched it to N 
exclusively. Internet download speeds (from the computer) also became 
faster I think; it is then that I saw the 5MB/s max. There were several 
concurrent downloads and they added to more than 5MB/s.

> Thats for wire also slow in my opinion, if have a "good" setup, you can 
> get
> the 100-115MB/s over gigabit lines.

I guess that is the NAS then. It is a DS112j, it may not have more CPU 
power for it....

The harddisk itself will probably read about 100MB/s.

The Synology has nothing to do with the wifi. That is just the router.

>> I cannot understand why the wifi link to the internet is at
>> least 4-5-6MB/s constantly, and that same wifi link to the local 
>> server
>> runs about 3.5MB/s max and that is only in the beginning and then 
>> often it
>> goes down to a crawl.

> Pff heres a lot to tell, basicly to much..
> Most of the time bad cable.
> And other pointers, latency, multple devices on the same channel,
> ( often 1 of 11 ) Wireless phones, microwave, etc all other 2.4Gz
> devices can interfeer with things.

The wifi client is actually a Level One device that is pretty shoddy. It 
is a WAP-6113 or something. There can be no issue with the cable. There 
are no other devices communicating unless they are from around (I live 
in a dense area). There is no microwave, etc. I may have to check ...

There was another wifi access point but it shouldn't have been 
communicating in any way.

Currently the speed starts out at about 4MB/s max and then goes down to 
2.5 MB/s after a few minutes, mirroring the behaviour I have seen 
before, but still okay.

> I can get about 12-15Mb/s out of my wif ( 300N ) with tunning, without,
> about 5-7MB/s ( test this within your lan )

How come tunneling makes it faster? Doesn't that add encryption?

> Slow disks..
> Not alligned partitions on disk make things slow.
> Lots of small files make things also slow.
> Lots of files in 1 folder make things slow.

Not relevant really here.

> Samba 3.6.9 30-50MB/s is slow also.


> Which synology, these are limited also.. like ..
> Some of them have gigabit ethernet, but max speed of 100mbit ethernet.
> This is often due cpu limitation.

Yes the NAS is going to be CPU limited. However that shouldn't be the 
case for Wifi as it has nothing to do with the Synology. I have no 
problems with the 60MB/s max.

Some people have 500MB/s SSD disks.

I am still trying to solve my 3MB/s.

> In running simalar on a amd-E350 8Gb ram, kodi,
> 1ssd ( OS + websites and mysql )
> 2 3TB 5400 Rpm disk. Data pics mp3 backups etc.
> Copy speed, in lan 115MB/s  so the full gigabit.
> IF i copy to a large file to an  optimized partition. ( min 4MB blocks 
> )
> WHEN i copy the same file to my default partition,
> it drops to about 60-80MB/s  ( 4k blocks )


Are these NTFS clusters or something else?

Is it inode size or something?

> so if you want fast, you need to optimize..  ;-)
> and get good cables.

I was just talking about Wifi really ;-). But thanks for the pointers on 
regular wired ethernet too.

I have no comparison and I don't really know anyone, so.... that helps 

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