[Samba] Migration to vfs_fruit with existing AppleDouble files?

Scott Call scott.call at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 22:18:31 UTC 2016


I have a quite large installation that currently supports OSX clients by
forcing them to SMB1 with no streams (via the "nsmb.conf") file.

This setup forces the OSX clients to generate their own ._[FILENAME]
appledouble files for files with resource forks (like adobe documents).

We recently discovered the fine work that's been done on vfs_fruit and
wanted to see it it could help us.

We have setup a test bed with a newer version of samba and vfs_fruit
implemented and the behavior seems much better (faster, easier, etc) we
just have one issue we've found.

The OSX generated AppleDouble files are not compatible with the vfs_fruit
generated ones.

I think the difference (or at least part of it) is the files made by OSX
might have all streams in them not just the AFP_* streams and the files
themselves don't have xattr's set.

Ideally we would like to upgrade our existing server to a newer version
using vfs_fruit and letting the VFS handle the AppleDouble files.

Is there a way to support this?


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