[Samba] Samba 4.2 and Debian (was: Re: Sernet 4.3.X package is no longer free :/)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Wed Sep 23 08:42:07 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2015-09-22 at 23:51 +0100, Rowland Penny wrote:
> On 22/09/15 23:11, John Gardeniers wrote:

> > 
> > So, playing Devil's advocate: I find it hard not to see some plan 
> > behind the fact that the Samba AD component is not available from
> > the 
> > major distros. Sorry, but I can't help feeling this is part of 
> > Sernet's plan to start charging what really is an exorbitant price
> > for 
> > their packages. 
> What?? the problem (if you can call it a problem) is that the rpm 
> distros want to use the kerberos they use for everything else (a not 
> unusual thing to do) but Samba uses heimdal instead, this is the
> reason 
> that you cannot get AD DC packages for those distros. Debian had a 
> similar problem, but they tried to use their distro heimdal kerberos
> and 
> it wasn't the same version that Samba uses and this lead to problems,
> by 
> the time this was sorted out, Jessie was frozen and so you can only
> get 
> 4.1.17 for stable Debian releases. Sernet had nothing to do with any
> of 
> this!

Actually, Jessie froze before Samba 4.2 was released.  We are hoping to
make more frequent Samba releases in the future, I hope that will make
this less of an issue.  Your points regarding the Heimdal in Debian
situation are otherwise correct. 

As background, debian has always shipped both Heimdal and MIT, so
linking Samba against the system Heimdal was a natural, if ultimately
doomed, extension of that. 

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