[Samba] version question regarding Louis's samba ADDC install scripts for Debian Sernet packages

Derek Shaw d3r3kshaw at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 04:31:54 UTC 2015

Hi Louis!

Thanks for the help so far.   It's terrific having the scripts to review 
before pulling the trigger.

A few clarifications, if you don't mind...

the 4-jessie-samba-dc script does *not* use the sernet packages - correct?

Details of the samba package for jessie show samba version 4.1.17 - is 
this correct as far as you know?

This script also repeats the 1-tools script -- you may want to comment 
this section out so you don't mess with the install of someone like me 
who has already run the 1-tools script (and customized it for vm 
installation with esxi, etc). lines 180-185.

In the 0-setup-apt-debian-4 script, lines 49-54, there is an 
entry/explanation that I don't understand:
> ###### Debian Backports apt setup
> ## not needed for debian testing/sid
> ## set to yes if
> ## 1) dont want to use sernet-samba
> ## 2) You are using debian wheezy and you want samba 4.1.x

I'm guessing now that the only way to get samba 4.2 (without compiling 
it myself) on debian 8 is to use the sernet packages.  Can you confirm 
that?  In other words, this script is probably not a good fit if I 
decide I want the sernet 4.2 packages with Jessie, yes?.

Thanks once again!

On 15-09-09 12:01 AM, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
> Hello Derek,
> Yes, you can use the jessie-samba-dc.sh script.
> I adjusted the 0-readme-first.txt file, that jessie can be used.
> I new thing in the 4-jessie-DC script, you can use that one for
> Setup a new DC and joining an already existing AD domain.
> Im getting more finished here, so i hope to make some extra time free
> to update the script set soon.
> Greetz,
> Louis

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