[Samba] Samba 4 BDC to Windows 2008 PDC

Dennison Williams dennison at dark-heart.net
Wed May 27 17:28:39 MDT 2015

Hello folks,

The documentation for running Samba as a BDC clearly states that it is
not operational with a Windows PDC [1], but this documentation covers
Samba-3 and it was suggested in IRC by scooby2 that this functionality
is now suported in Samba 4.  Can anyone else confirm this?  Should I use
the documentation for Smaba BDC or is there more current documentation
for this functionality?


"Samba-3 cannot function as a BDC to an MS Windows NT4 PDC, and Samba-3
cannot function correctly as a PDC to an MS Windows NT4 BDC. Both
Samba-3 and MS Windows NT4 can function as a BDC to its own type of PDC."

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