[Samba] getent passwd and getent group reporting only local users

Mario Pio Russo mariopiorusso at ie.ibm.com
Tue May 19 09:50:11 MDT 2015

cool thanks

i have tested from another linux member and both getent passwd and getnet
group works fine for me



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From:	Luca Olivetti <luca at wetron.es>
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Date:	19/05/2015 16:36
Subject:	Re: [Samba] getent passwd and getent group reporting only local
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El 19/05/15 a les 16:22, Mario Pio Russo ha escrit:
> Good day all
> I am working with samba4.2.1 DC, created after upgrading from samba3
> the DC works fine, however the commands :
> "getent passwd" and "getent group"
> reports only local users.

This is by design I think :-/

> however I am able to see all the id from the ccdc domain with the command
> "id"
> root at ccdc-samba4:~# id rocheian
> uid=3439(rocheian) gid=513(domain users) groups=513(domain users),871
> (smbconnectionssupport),759(domainusers),3000004(BUILTIN\users)
> furthermore the command "wbinfo -u -g" is able to show All the users and
> group from the domaiun
> my smb.conf is the following
> # Global parameters
> [global]
>         workgroup = CCDC
>         realm = CCDC.LAN
>         netbios name = CCDC-SAMBA4
>         server role = active directory domain controller
>         idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes

On the DC the above is the only line that it is used. Everything else
winbind related is ignored.
On a member server you can add

   winbind enum users = yes
   winbind enum groups = yes

then "getent passwd" will show all users (getent groups still doesn't
work). But, again, those lines are ignored on the dc.

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