[Samba] Simple recipe for getting started with 4.2.0

02019 accounts at 02019.org
Mon Mar 30 19:01:56 MDT 2015

On 03/30/2015 06:33 PM, 02019 wrote:
> ...
> I'd like to start from a simple HOWTO
> or recipe for just getting the simplest functionality (no security,
> strictly guest access for a public read/write share on my LAN) working
> in 4.2.0.

So, to reiterate, this is just to get me *started*.

Once I have a *simple* samba server running that I can put and get to
using smbclient and that I can do the same from a win2kp client, then I
can make little changes to smb.conf, one at a time, and slowly give
myself with v4.2.0 the functionality that I now have with v2.2.5.

> ...
> And the official howto is for version 3.5.

So this is a problem for me. For example, this very simple config file
from the official howto:

Example 1.2. Another simple smb.conf File

workgroup = MIDEARTH
guest ok = no
read only = no

does not give me this behavior:

"This will allow connections by anyone with an account on the server,
using either their login name or homes as the service name. (Note: The
workgroup that Samba should appear in must also be set..."

I can login to the server from a getty login prompt and from the lightdm
display manager, but I cannot login using smbclient with this config file.

All I really want right now is make a read/writable share for anyone on
my LAN to use anonymously, that is, without supplying username or
password. That would seem to be the simplest use case to me.

and the official how-to reads in part, "There are sample configuration
files in the examples subdirectory in the source code distribution
tarball package." but for me, in my arch linux system in which I've used
pacman to install samba 4.2.0-1, the only files matching "example" when
I submit the command "pacman -Ql samba|grep example" are these:


So these kinds of inconsistencies are at the root of my question here
about current documentation for v4.2.0.

I looked at the wiki and it seems like the article that is most relevant
to my immediate goal is this one: "Samba as a File Server" but that is
not detailed enough for my needs right now. The level of detail in the
official howto is great, but it seems to be out-dated.

Thanks for any suggestions on this dilemma, and thanks especially for
making samba.


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