[Samba] samba4.2.0 crashes on connection attempt with an internal samba error...

support at remsnet.de support at remsnet.de
Sat Mar 28 17:22:41 MDT 2015

rowland ,

> Now if some wise person that understands systemd and knows how to get it 
> to start the 'nmbd', 'winbindd' & 'smbd' daemons, could post an howto, I 
> am quite prepared to try it, but until then, a certain LP can stick 
> systemd where the sun doesn't shine.

... systemd with samba sample ( opensuse sample ) : http://www.opensuse-forum.de/themen/netzwerk-und-internet/9040-samba-mit-systemd-starten/
its simple to adapt on jessie ...

regards Horst

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