[Samba] Crowdfunding Exchange Connection

Stefan Gohmann gohmann at univention.de
Tue Jun 23 09:32:34 MDT 2015

Hi Samba Community,

We were asked by our users if we could connect Exchange 2013 to Samba 4.
After some investigation we saw that an LDAP control is missing in Samba
4 which seems to makes it impossible to connect Exchange 2013 to Samba 4:

As far as I understand the Samba code it would be possible to implement
it but it would take some time.

Unfortunately, we here at Univention don't have the possibility to
implement it by ourselves, at least at the moment. However, we could
give some money to help implementing it, but I guess we are unable to
finance the whole work.

I have no experience with crowdfunding and I'm not sure about the
process details, but we could start to think about it if more users are
interested in funding it.

Is anybody interested?


Stefan Gohmann
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