[Samba] Migration Samba3 -> Samba4: Accessing domain member server is not working

Roland Schwingel roland.schwingel at onevision.com
Thu Jul 9 13:12:09 UTC 2015

Hi Roel,

Thanks for your reply...

Roel van Meer <roel at 1afa.com> wrote on 09.07.2015 15:00:07:
 > Roland Schwingel writes:
 > > So the problem is appearing here:
 > > [2015/07/06 08:02:47.188335,  0] ../source3/auth/auth_domain.c:
 > > 302(domain_client_validate)
 > >   domain_client_validate: unable to validate password for user 
roland in
 > > domain MYDOM to Domain controller PDCHOST. Error was
 > >
 > > Why on earth is this happening? When my win7 testmachine is trying
 > > to access the 4.2.2 PDC directly everything is fine and easy. So 
 > > the setup of the PDC is correct.
 > Hi Roland,
 > I had the exact same error, although my setup differed slightly. I 
 > different versions of Samba, and in my case the problem happened only 
 > 4.2.[0-2]. Samba 4.1.13 does not have the problem, and a build from Git
 > master doesn't have it either.
 > So, you might want to try Samba 4.1.19 or wait for Samba 4.2.3.
 > Hope this helps,

In the meantime I was able to solve the problem. I did not had winbindd 
running on my 4.2.2 domain member machine. When I start winbindd right 
after joining my 4.2.2 domain everything works. Maybe you can verify 
this in your setup as well. I will switch to 4.2.3 as soon as it is 

I am glad that I am not the one and only mohican out there having such 
hairy problems all day...


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