[Samba] specify alternative port for samba internal dns server

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 26 16:06:15 MST 2015

On 26/02/15 22:58, Ben Cohen wrote:
> My goal is for the samba dns server to be authoritative for 
> 'ad.mydomain.com <http://ad.mydomain.com>' but not for mydomain.com 
> <http://mydomain.com>. The dns server that the clients in my domain 
> use is statically configured to resolve all requests for 
> ad.mydomain.com <http://ad.mydomain.com> via the samba internal dns -- 
> I believe this is exactly what is required for samba to function ...  
> Is this incorrect somehow?

You should point your domain members to the DC, if the record the client 
requires is inside the AD domain, the DC will return answer, if it 
doesn't know, it will forward the request to whatever you have set as 
the forwarder.

> A whole bunch of other samba services can listen on other than the 
> default service port through configuration options ...  Why should the 
> dns service uniquely deserve an all-caps *NO* with regard to this 
> configurability?

You could always try and alter the ldap port that samba4 listens on, oh 
sorry, you cannot change that either can you.

Please stop trying to bend AD to your way of working.


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