[Samba] Meaning of user.DOSATTRIB

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Aug 26 07:07:06 UTC 2015


This is al about samba ea ( extended attibutes ) support. 

Samba can map attibutes in two ways:
Mapping DOS file attributes to UNIX permissions
Storing the DOS attributes in extended file attributes

The user.DOSATTRIB extended attribute contains a bit field indicating the state of each DOS attribute:
Read-Only = 0x1
Hidden    = 0x2
System    = 0x4
Archive   = 0x20

and in smb.conf related (below is enableing ea support) 
ea support = yes
map hidden = no
map system = no
map archive = no
map readonly = no
store dos attributes = yes

and if you use mac osx also, 
also add. 
vfs objects = streams_xattr
oplocks = no

and you can do something like: 
setfattr -n user.DOSATTRIB -v '"0x6"' desktop.ini
Note the escaping of the quotes in the value; 
This is needed to force the extended attribute to contain a string instead of an integer.

(0x6 = hidden  + System ) 

and correct me if im wrong here. 



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>Onderwerp: [Samba] Meaning of user.DOSATTRIB
>I have the following attributes for a typical file on my 
>redirected folders
>residing on my Samba4 AD/DC:
>$ getfattr -d "Newletters/Newsletter 2013-09.docx"
># file: Newletters/Newsletter 2013-09.docx
>What do these characters mean? I'm searching for a particular 
>attribute. I have
>found nothing searching the web or samba wiki.
>(btw - I see that Marco De Vitis asked a similar question on 
>the list back in
>2007, but I've seen no response.)
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