[Samba] replace samba with windows7

Ryan Ashley ryana at reachtechfp.com
Mon Sep 22 07:10:11 MDT 2014

Steve, I apologize. I re-read the entire thread and I see what you are 
asking now. I misunderstood on my first read-through. I read it to be 
you were unable to create a share on Samba. I now see that you're trying 
to do so from Windows. I do not believe that is possible since my 
understanding of creating a share involves changing your smb.conf then 
restarting the Samba services.

If you are looking to automate this, would SWAT work with Samba 4?

On 09/20/2014 04:31 PM, steve wrote:
> Sorry Rowland, we're being thick tonight. Could you spell the link 
> thing out?
> Re: intelligent windows user. We tried setting up a user with home 
> directory at /usr/local/samba/etc with write on smb.conf. Think of the 
> Linux users here who can use vi here who have trouble with smb.conf. 
> Imagine a windows user getting anywhere near a text editor, let alone 
> type nonsense into a file...

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