[Samba] replace samba with windows7

Chris Weiss cweiss at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 18:13:26 MDT 2014

On Sat, Sep 20, 2014 at 2:20 PM, steve <steve at steve-ss.com> wrote:
> On 20/09/14 20:28, Ryan Ashley wrote:
>> Setting up a shared Samba folder is cake. Really, there are three lines
>> per share.
> There is nothing in windows that will do that. The NAS idea is good but the
> problem there is that the web interface folders do not look the same as on
> windows and the menu when you right click them is different.

not really sure what you mean by that.  NAS's designed for small
business and home users also have web interfaces, and these non-IT
people don't have any problems making windows shares with them.
freenas or openfiler aren't that much harder once you get the basic OS
and raid configured.

also not sure what the win7 file share issue is.  you just need to set
your permissions correctly, the default being "fairly wide open".

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