[Samba] Vampire

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Wed Oct 22 11:36:54 MDT 2014

Am 22.10.2014 um 16:00 schrieb Ryan Bair:
>> After a dozen administrators there seems to be some oddities, and
>> since we started with samba4 alpha9 (I think) it may be time to go
>> straight to current release.
> You could try to join a new DC, migrate the roles, and demote the old DC if
> you have your heart set on a new DC. If you go this route I would still
> upgrade the old DC first anyway as there have been some bugs fixed in this
> realm.

I think it's not that easy, if he's still running one of the early alpha
releases. There were DB changes.

When you say you started with alpha9, does this mean it's still on that
version? Or which one are you running currently?


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