[Samba] Vampire

Christian Huldt christian at solvare.se
Wed Oct 22 15:02:33 MDT 2014

Marc Muehlfeld skrev 2014-10-22 19:36:
> Am 22.10.2014 um 16:00 schrieb Ryan Bair:
>>> After a dozen administrators there seems to be some oddities, and
>>> since we started with samba4 alpha9 (I think) it may be time to go
>>> straight to current release.
>> You could try to join a new DC, migrate the roles, and demote the old DC if
>> you have your heart set on a new DC. If you go this route I would still
>> upgrade the old DC first anyway as there have been some bugs fixed in this
>> realm.
> I think it's not that easy, if he's still running one of the early alpha
> releases. There were DB changes.
> When you say you started with alpha9, does this mean it's still on that
> version? Or which one are you running currently?

Currently 4.0.5, our gpo's stopped working and the uids differ between
our two dcs, so I want to be able to dismiss the possibility that the
databases are skewed by replacing them...

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