[Samba] Performance tuning of Samba4.1 LDAP CRUD operations

Yohei Igata yohei.igata at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 22:50:07 MDT 2014

Hi, I would like to accelerate CURD operation of LDAP.

Please let me know a tuning setup of OS or Samba.

Although I am performing shift verification to Samba 4.1.12 from
OpenLDAP 2.3, the CURD operation using a LDAP interface becomes 1/10
or less speed compared with OpenLDAP.

Although this OpenLDAP is performing an optimized tuning setup, Samba
is in the default state immediately after carrying out "samba-tool
domain provision".

Even if it sees "man smb.conf", there is no information about
performance tuning and I am troubled. ><

# I am sorry in awkward English. I am poor at English. I need your
help by small-children-oriented simple expression....

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