[Samba] nslcd samba 4.1 and FreeBSD 10

Harry Jede walk2sun at arcor.de
Thu Oct 16 09:28:01 MDT 2014

On 16:46:19 wrote Doug Sampson:
> Hello list-
> As a FreeBSD shop we've used Samba 3.x quite well for a couple years.
> With version 3.6 due to expire in due time, we've been experimenting
> with version 4.1 using winbindd with very limited success.
Why do you wish to change things, if you have a working setup?
Just run samba 4.1.x in classic mode, aka samba 3, aka NT-style

do not have much information about classic mode. Read the man pages 
and/or the "Official Samba 3 HOWTO.

You may use samba 4.1.x in the same way as samba 3.6.x

Surely, their are some things to watch. The most important one is 
different defaults for a lot of smb.conf parameters and some new ones.

testparm -s -v /dev/null > samba-<version>.default.conf

shows you all default settings. Do it on your 3.6 server and on your new 
server. So you know old and new defaults.

testparm -s > samba-<version>.running.conf
again, do it on both servers

If I need to migrate a 3.x Server to 4.x first thing I will do is to 
change new default settings to old ones.

For share setups, the new default is read only, so you may add
read only = No
for each share definition.

nss and pam configs should be the same.


	Harry Jede

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