[Samba] Samba 4.2.0rc1 build fails on Raspberry Pi

Peter Serbe peter at serbe.ch
Wed Oct 8 16:39:33 MDT 2014

OK, I did remove the dokbook-xsl packet and got around the 
problem by not building the man-pages. 

I set up an AD on the raspi, and all went very well. With 
the notable exception, that I couldn't make SSSD work with 
the 4.2.0rc1. I don't know what's going on, it looks like 
SSSD 1.11.7 doesn't see the AD domain*). I would expect a log 
file showing up named after the AD domain. It does on my 
main server, but it doesn't on the raspi with 4.2.0rc1. 

Right now I am going back to 4.1.12, which should clarify 
whether SSSD works like it should. I think I will set up 
a box from (faster) spare parts, which should speed up the 
evaluation process. I got an i3 2130 lying around and an 
Intel mobo...

If someone states interest, I will keep You informed 
(otherwise I would reduce mailing list traffic, at least 
on behalf of me). 

Best regards

*) I did only test the id_provider ad. There is not much 
to tweak. Only one thing: my past issues with SSSD seem 
to stem from a certain laziness of SSSD. In other words: 
it needed the enumerate option to spit out the domain users
for getent passwd. I am trying to learn to use RFC2307, but 
I won't on my main server... ;-)  So far it doesn't look 
too complicated, but it is a looong concatenation of many, 
many simple steps, which all need to be done accurately. 

Peter Serbe schrieb am 03.10.2014 10:43:

> Dear List, 
> I tried to build samba-4.2.0rc1 on my Raspi. 
> I did this:
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba \
>            --with-piddir=/usr/local/samba/var/run \
>            --with-syslog \
>            --with-quotas \
>            --with-acl-support \
>            --enable-debug
> make
> Then after a couple of hours it crashes here:
> # [3863/3973] Generating manpages/smb.conf.5
> # Bus error
> # Waf: Leaving directory `/usr/src/samba4/bin'
> # Build failed:  -> task failed (err #135):
> #         {task: manpages/smb.conf.5 smb.conf.5.xml,parameters.all.xml ->
> smb.conf.5}
> # Makefile:8: recipe for target 'all' failed
> # make: *** [all] Error 1

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