[Samba] Errors in PC Clients

Fermin Francisco abcddo at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 30 12:47:39 MST 2014

Good afternoon !!
I have installed on Centos 6.5 server + Samba 4 and Active Directory and domain controller, and client PCs are in M$ Windows (XP and 7).
It happens that some time over here, that PC clients are making some mistake several times a day in the event viewer.
The error is the Next:
Source: userenvEvent: 1030Description: "Windows can not query for the list of Group Policy objects A message describing the reason for this problem was previously logged by the policy engine.."
Another mistake is presenting me is this:
Source: LSASRVEvent: 40961SPNEGO (Negotiator)
Description: ". The Security System could not establish a secure connection to the server ldap/servidor.dominio.local/dominio.local at dominio.local No authentication protocol was available."
Has someone these errors has occurred and been corrected ?? José Fermín Francisco Ferreras
Registered User #579535 (LinuxCounter.net)

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