[Samba] Failed to connect host on port 135 - NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Jesper Koivumäki jesper.koivumaki at kulturfonden.fi
Wed May 7 00:53:55 MDT 2014

2014-05-06 16:16, Marcel de Reuver wrote:

> 2014-05-02 16:29 GMT+02:00 Jesper Koivumäki 
> <jesper.koivumaki at kulturfonden.fi 
> <mailto:jesper.koivumaki at kulturfonden.fi>>:
>     Hello,
>     I've been trying to install Samba4 for a while now, following the
>     instructions over at:
>     http://linuxdrops.com/install-samba-4-on-centos-rhel-fedora-debian-ubuntu/
> I hope you did install a more recent version of Samba4 then the one 
> mention in your howto.....
I did, I'm trying to get 4.1.7 to work. I realize now I should've given 
more information about my system, I was just too focused on the actual 
problem. I'm sorry about that.

It's a Samba 4.1.7 install on a RHEL6 -system.

>     However, when I get to the stage where I should be able to join
>     the domain with a Windows machine (7, not XP) I run into
>     networking issues. For one, my network is behind a NAT so I can't
>     just use a public DNS for this. Since Samba4 has its internal DNS
>     server, that shouldn't be a problem, right?
> The Samba4 DNS server needs no further configuration, only needs a 
> "dns fowarder" in smb.conf, in your case it will be your NAT device.
> Next your Windows clients should use the Samba4 box for DNS, if not 
> Windows clients cannot join your AD.

I thought the "dns forwarder" should be the DNS server for the network? 
In our case, the NAT device does not supply DNS. I did enter our DNS 
server into the "dns forwarder" -field, but that did nothing. We have an 
external DNS that's located outside our NAT, since at the moment we 
don't use DNS internally except for this DC.

I did set the DC as the DNS for the windows clients, but it seems the 
samba server isn't giving out any DNS information. All the DNS requests 
for the clients just time out.

>     I tried to figure out what zonelists there are, so that I could
>     add the domain there. This is what I get.
> With the Windows DNS tools from the RSAT package on a Windows 
> workstation, you can query your Samba4 internal DNS server. See here 
> <https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Installing_RSAT_on_Windows_for_AD_Management> 
> for the details on RSAT
I'm assuming that for this to work, the Windows workstation should first 
be able to join the domain? As far as I've gathered, I need to use RSAT 
with a user that has administrative rights on the DC, which in turn 
requires the workstation to able to join the DC. Or am I mistaken?

Thank you for the link, those instructions were the best I've seen on 
the subject. It seems my google-fu isn't as strong as I thought it was.

Kind regards,
     Jesper Koivumäki

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