[Samba] small question howto get the OU Layout ( base )

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri May 2 08:38:39 MDT 2014

Just a small question, how can i get the OU layout of the base with samba-tool or other tool. 
I tried a lot but im not finding it. 
or any other way is also ok, as long is i dont need to login on windows ;-) 
my closeds was :  cat /etc/krb5.conf | grep default_realm | cut -d= -f2 
but that places a space in front and im not a scripting king :-/ 
What i need is the output like. 
I need it for my zarafa schema update script and my script calls the zarafa_schema_add.sh ( version 1.5) 
Works great, now i need to automate it with my main install script. . ;-) 

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