[Samba] Domain DNS zones file corrupted

José Neto josenetodino at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 00:18:24 MDT 2014


Lately I'm faced some problems with samba. Basically it starts and
dies[1] soon after. A little research and I found the issue: I/O
error. There was a bad sector "under" the DOMAINDNSZONES ldb file,
making the file corrupted.

So far no problems, but before the current setup, I've tested samba
within an usb stick - please, don't judge me :P - and faced exactly
the same problem[2]. My thoughts were about the write limit of usb
stick were generating I/O errors. So I moved on and migrated samba to
a HDD. 4 months has passed and now I'm facing the same error.

Someone else have faced this problem?


[1] INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 7 in pid 16876 (4.0.13)
[2] Wasn't clear in the thread, but was the same error:

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