[Samba] Join to AD does not persist reboot, requires "net ads join"

Michael Rodrigues mrodrigues at education.ucsb.edu
Mon Jun 16 12:43:35 MDT 2014


I'm using samba 3.6.3 on ubuntu 12.04. I'm using samba and winbind so 
that I can authenticate users via ntml_auth.

After configuring my smb.conf I join to the domain:

net ads join -U Administrator

And everything works fine, calls to ntlm_auth work as expected.

However, upon rebooting the server, I can't successfully use ntlm_auth 
as "no logon servers are available". I've found that I can fix this by 
either rerunning the 'net ads join -U Administrator' command above 
(which also requires typing a username and password), or by running 'net 
ads testjoin' (which does NOT require me to reauthenticate).

I would like to not have to do this at reboot. I realize I could just 
write a simple init script to do this for me, but I wanted to make sure 
I wasn't missing some important part of the setup. I have configured 
winbind, smbd, and nmbd to start at boot.

There's a bug on Launchpad which I've added comments to, though I think 
the bit about using "tdbbackup" ended up being a red herring:


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