[Samba] Problem: Reading files which are still written...

Markus Bartsch xbma at post.webinit.de
Mon Jun 16 12:53:06 MDT 2014


I've just upgraded my vdr to Ubuntu 14.04 and now i have Samba 4.

On my Windows-machine i can no longer watch videos which are still 
recording... (with VLC)

On samba 3 this was no problem, but on samba 4 the playback always 
stopps at the point which was the actual filelength wenn i started the 

I also mounted the video directory to an other linux machine via nfs and 
shared it there with samba3. This works like ever...

i've also downgraded to samba 3 and everything is fine again...

I have got no idea whats going wrong there...


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