[Samba] guide to install samba

marcos deconya at riseup.net
Mon Jul 14 09:26:40 MDT 2014

Actually is the AD DC and file server. My idea is to separate to only do
>> a DC.
> I think that you mean that you want to setup samba 4 as the DC and
> then use seperate fileservers joined to the domain, is this correct ??

>> My problem is about profiles, beacuse I used a mobile profiles,
>> and now I would like to know options, and how to use local profiles in
>> samba 4.
> By 'mobile profiles' I take it you mean 'roaming profiles', I also
> take it that now you want to use local profiles instead, if this is
> the case, try searching the internet, but instead of using samba4 in
> the search terms, use AD or active directory instead.
> You could use folder redirection instead of local profiles, again all
> the info is out there on the internet, you just need to get that
> Samba4 AD is the same as windows AD.
>> I understand than samba 3 and samba 4 works with same config?
> Well yes, but only if you are comparing like with like, i.e. a samba3
> PDC and a samba4 PDC. If you set up an AD DC, the smb.conf is created
> for you, but you can then fine tune this to suit your requirements.
OK, any suggestion about configs of DC? I need to config a new DC using
the old ldap parameters, to not have two domains in the same LAN.

> Finely, can you please contact me via the samba mailing list,
> contacting me direct could break the flow of the thread.
Ups, was an accident...:-)

> Rowland
>> Thanks
>>> Rowland

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