[Samba] Win7 login script not running

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Mon Jan 27 08:38:50 MST 2014

Thanks for that.

I’ve tried it on another Windows7 PC with a new machine name and 
username, and that does the same thing.

I set the option to show login scripts in the foreground, and some 
other related parameters (Run Synchronously, Allow scripts if 
NetBios/DNS disabled, Always wait for network at computer startup, 
Run legacy scripts unhidden).  However, still no joy, and it 
doesn’t open a command window when loading which seems to indicate 
it’s making no attempt to run the script. 

I’m not sure if it’s relevant but the [homes] share is working okay 
– drive G: is mapped to the user’s home directory.  

I wondered if it was a timing issue – noticed that after entering 
the password and Windows was displaying the ‘Welcome’ screen that 
the user’s login script wasn’t on the Samba server.  It appears to 
be created as the user’s Windows desktop loads.  However, I 
configured Samba to not delete/create login scripts, so that the 
user’s login script was always available, and that made no 

I was only using the %username% environment variable to explicitly 
call the login script from the user’s Startup Group in Windows – 
not an ideal solution, and I’d really like to have the login script 
launching automatically.  %username% is correctly set to the user’s 
login name.

It’s really strange… I must be missing something really simple!

On Mon, 27 Jan 2014 13:39:50 +0000 "Gaiseric Vandal" 
<gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com> wrote:
>I am not sure if the "logon script" parameter is smb.conf trumps 
>"logon script" parameter set for a user (i.e. the one you see in 
>I don't set a "logon script" in smb.conf.  Instead, each user has 
>"logon script" parameter set.   I also don't use the %username% or 
>variables in the "logon script" parameter.   I am not using a 
>logon script for each user.   The script itself does have a line 
>"net use x: %homeshare%"   to map each user's individual home 
>I suspect the issue may be the %username% variable is not being 
>correctly.   After you log in, does the "set" command from a 
>prompt show you the environmental variables that you expect?
>Windows 7 runs the login scripts in the back ground by default- so 
>makes it a little harder to see if something is going wrong.    
>You can 
>change that behavior with gpedit.
>On 01/27/14 08:15, samba1 at nym.hush.com wrote:
>> Thanks very much for your reply.
>> I was working on this all day yesterday, and just can’t get it to
>> work.
>> It’s as though Windows7 simply isn’t executing the login script.
>> The user is called w7user2 and the login script is being named
>> w7user2.bat.  pdbedit –L –v w7user2 shows everything to be okay
>> with regard to the login script name and path.
>> I’ve tried it with another user, and have tried granting both
>> standard and administrator user rights on the PC.
>> I tried simplifying the contents of the login script so that it
>> didn’t do any drive mapping, so it shouldn’t be stumbling over 
>> of the login script’s content.
>> The only way I can get it to ‘work’ is by calling the login 
>> from a batch file in the user’s startup folder on the PC.  ie
>> ‘call \\<server>\netlogon\%username%.bat’
>> That executes fine, which means the server side of the login 
>> seems to be working okay (as it is for all existing XP users).
>> I’m going to try it with another test Windows 7 PC (32 bit this
>> time) and see if that makes any difference.  At the minute I’m 
>> sure what else to try!
>> On Mon, 27 Jan 2014 08:22:43 +0000 "Daniel Müller"
>> <mueller at tropenklinik.de> wrote:
>>> You do not need to change any registry settings, just store the
>>> users logon bat in the share netlogon and it is up and running.
>>> As you provision your samba4 the netlogon will be created with 
>>> right permission. Just use this share.
>>> In your case you choose the name of the user to point to the 
>>> logon script: U%.bat, ex: administrator.bat. Nothing else will
>>> Work.
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>>> Betreff: [Samba] Win7 login script not running
>>> I’ve got a 4.1.3 Samba PDC Server on Debian Wheezy.  It’s 
>>> in Classic mode – all existing clients are Windows XP Pro.
>>> I’m installing a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit PC, and have managed to 
>>> it to the domain, but can’t get the user’s login script to run.
>>> The login scripts work fine on XP.
>>> The pertinent sections of smb.conf contain:
>>> logon script = %U.bat
>>> logon drive = G:
>>> [netlogon]
>>> path = /home/netlogon
>>> locking = no
>>> guest ok = no
>>> root preexec = /home/netlogon/loginscript.pl %U %M %m root
>>> postexec = /home/netlogon/logoutscript.pl %U %M %m read only = 
>>> browseable = no veto files = /*.pl/
>>> I’ve tried changing things such as the ‘read only’ and ‘guest 
>>> parameters.
>>> The login script for the user is being created in 
>>> It’s also being removed when the PC is shut down.
>>> I’ve tried a few registry entries including:
>>> s
>>> 	DomainCompatibilityMode DWORD 1
>>> 	DNSNameResolutionRequired DWORD 0
>>> HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters
>>> 	RequireSignOrSeal DWORD 1
>>> 	RequireStrongKey DWORD 0
>>> HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
>>> 	RunLogonScriptSync DWORD 1
>>> 	SyncForegroundPolicy DWORD 1
>>> I also set the LanManager Authentication Level to LM & NTLM
>>> responses.
>>> Drive G: is being mapped to the user’s home directory.  I also
>>> placed a copy of the login script there (in case it was trying 
>>> run from there rather than from the netlogon share.
>>> I can map drives manually, and access the shares – I just can’t
>>> get the login script to execute.
>>> Thanks very much.
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