[Samba] unknown authentification failure - Samba 4.0.1 pdc

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 31 01:59:24 MDT 2013

On 30/10/13 21:21, bugblatterbeast wrote:
> Am 30.10.2013 11:12, schrieb Rowland Penny:
>> Sorry, I missed the attachment, but now that I have had a look at 
>> your smb.conf, it would seem that you are mixing up an NT PDC with an 
>> AD DC.
>> You need to remove the following from the smb.conf on the Samba4 AD DC:
>>        logon drive & logon home, these are only used by NT Workstations.
>>        logon path, again only used by NT Workstations and you should 
>> now have this info in each users data in AD ( profilePath attribute ) 
>> and this is also setup by [profiles]
>>        security = user, totally un-needed, this is the default 
>> security setting in Samba. Also it is superceeded by the fact that 
>> you are running as an active directory domain controller
>>        public, this is a synonym for guest ok. You are allowing 
>> anybody to connect without a password, in my opinion, this should 
>> never be in [global].
>>        log file, You will end up with a logfile called log.%m in 
>> /var/log/samba instead of the standard log.samba & log.smbd
>>        browseable, There is at the present time no network browsing 
>> (network neighborhood) in Samba4 but you can connect by address.
>> Remove the above and restart Samba4 and lets go from there.
>> Rowland
> Hello Rowland,
> thanks for your effort. I've deleted the obsolete values from the 
> smb.conf, but it didn't do the trick. I've also activated 2 of the 
> other network adapters for samba. I'll attach the result of tesparm to 
> this mail.
> I really wish, there was a way to log all the kerberos-calls and 
> authentication-errors. I really think, it's related with that. The 
> system is running half a year now with about 20 clients and it's just 
> this one workstation that's causing such trouble.
> nice regards
Hi, you posted the OS that Samba4 is running on is Ubuntu 12.04, did you 
install Samba4 via apt-get ? If so, this could be your problem, the 
standard 12.04 package is very old, 'alpha18' I believe. I would suggest 
that you either upgrade by using the Sernet packages: 
http://www.enterprisesamba.com/samba/  or by compiling Samba4 yourself.


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