[Samba] unknown authentification failure - Samba 4.0.1 pdc

bugblatterbeast samba at bugblatterbeast.de
Thu Oct 31 06:30:01 MDT 2013

Am 31.10.2013 08:59, schrieb Rowland Penny:
> Hi, you posted the OS that Samba4 is running on is Ubuntu 12.04, did 
> you install Samba4 via apt-get ? If so, this could be your problem, 
> the standard 12.04 package is very old, 'alpha18' I believe. I would 
> suggest that you either upgrade by using the Sernet packages: 
> http://www.enterprisesamba.com/samba/ or by compiling Samba4 yourself.
> Rowland
Good call, but I really use 4.0.1 - the alpha in the repository didn't 
work at all. I've build the ubuntu packages myself. Installation from 
source is not an option in our working environment - I have to make sure 
that it's very easy manageable. Thank you very much for the suggested 
link. It took me quite a while to build and test the packages, before I 
can use them on our live system.... also I do have some problems at the 
moment with the package creation of version 4.1.0.


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