[Samba] Group Policy error 1058 / UNC path to GPO is same as domain name

Scott Goodwin scott at mimicsimulation.com
Wed Nov 13 17:14:56 MST 2013

My Group Policies are not working because clients are attempting to use the

But here's the crux: I have to set an A record for example.com to point to
our externally hosted web site.  So, understandably, the client is trying
to reach our web site for GPO, which of course, will not succeed.
So, I know the root of the problem here, but I'm not sure how to resolve
it.  Looks like MS OS's after Windows 2000 use DNS, then NetBIOS
resolution, so even if I have netbios resolution pointing to our Samba
server, DNS would still kick in first.  (I'm not even sure how to do
netbios resolution in a samba environment, but I'll do some googling of my
own there).
Is there a way to override this?  This has to be a somewhat common
occurrence, so there's got to be an easy workaround...

Thanks for any pointers.

My environment:
Windows 7 x64 clients
Sernet Samba 4.10
Centos 6.4 x64
ISC named 9.9.4

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