[Samba] Access denied when associating a driver with a printer

James Cort james.cort at bediwin.co.uk
Tue Nov 5 12:00:34 MST 2013

On 5 Nov 2013, at 18:34, Marc Muehlfeld <samba at marc-muehlfeld.de> wrote:

> Hello James,
> Am 05.11.2013 16:30, schrieb James Cort:

>> Second is that smbcontrol all reload-config did NOT reload the
> > configuration in its entirety. Restarting Samba, however, did.
> Hm. That's interesting. Normally this should work. What config parameters didn't work when you only reload?

I changed a number of parameters, but the one I think made a difference was "use client driver". 

That most certainly didn't seem to take unless I restarted Samba - restarted Samba and it worked immediately.

>> I now have a driver associated. It's not printing anything,
> > but I'm not sure if that's related!
> Just some thoughts:
> - Do you receive the printjob in CUPS?


Strangely, after a few minutes it seemed to resolve itself. ISTR Active Directory on Windows can take a while to completely get itself together - is the same true of Samba 4.x?

I'd need to do a lot more testing to establish if this is a regular problem or simply a minor, impossible-to-replicate transient glitch. Fortunately, I plan on doing quite a bit of that over the coming months. So I daresay I'll find out eventually.


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