[Samba] Access denied when associating a driver with a printer

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Tue Nov 5 11:34:58 MST 2013

Hello James,

Am 05.11.2013 16:30, schrieb James Cort:
> First is that "use client drivers" must be either set to "no"
 > or not set at all. This isn't documented on the wiki page, though
 > Google has found a few other instances of others making the
 > same mistake.

When you exactly follow the HowTo, it works (I wrote the HowTo and have 
validated it a few times in the past :-)).

In my production environment I have "use client driver = yes", and 
upload and association of drivers work fine (LPRng backend, but this 
should not matter for associating the driver). But my production 
printserver is currently still on 3.6.19.

> Second is that smbcontrol all reload-config did NOT reload the
 > configuration in its entirety. Restarting Samba, however, did.

Hm. That's interesting. Normally this should work. What config 
parameters didn't work when you only reload?

> I now have a driver associated. It's not printing anything,
 > but I'm not sure if that's related!

Just some thoughts:
- Do you receive the printjob in CUPS?
- Do you have a spool file for the job in the Samba/CUPS spool folder?
- CUPS is up and printing directly from the server works?
- Any restrictions prevent printing? (firewall, SELinux,...)?


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