[Samba] Replication candidate

"David González Herrera - [DGHVoIP]" info at dghvoip.com
Sun Jun 2 15:09:58 MDT 2013

Hi again List,

I've got my Samba 4 running as a DC on my domain.local I'd like to 
implement replication to have fail-over capabilities. I normally take 
backups with the samba_backup script (helpful and advised).

I added a W2k8-R2 VM to my domain to have the RSAT available and then I 
decided to try replication (dcpromo method) to add the Sin server to the 
domain as a secondary DC, but I kept getting the "can't find A record 
for blah*blah.domain.local" I tried running samba_dnsupdate --verbose 
--all-names to try to create the necessary records but no joy.

This seems to only happen when I try to add the w2k8 machine to the 
domain as BDC because when i add a workstation or the same machine as a 
Computer to the domain it works just fine.

So after this my question for high availability and fail-over 
capabilities would you recommend that I setup another Samba4 server and 
"net vampire" the PDC? or what can be happening with w2k8 r2 machine?.

I'm using BIND_DLZ as backend all done ny the wiki.

Thanks for your valuable advise.


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