[Samba] DNS capabilities

Giedrius giedrius+samba at su.lt
Sun Jun 2 14:36:59 MDT 2013

2013.06.02 16:10, Andrew Bartlett rašė:
> On Sun, 2013-06-02 at 01:50 -0700, Gary Maurizi wrote:
>> I am sorry to waste space on the mailing list for such a simple question,
>> but can anyone tell me:
>> 1. Does samba_internal backend work with MX records yet?
> Not in a 4.0 release.  (Patch is in the queue for the next 4.0.x
> release, and is in git master)
>> 2. Will BIND9_FLATFILE allow dynamic DNS updates when a computer joins the
>> domain?
> Yes, but if that much works, the dlz backend will also work, and will
> handle other aspects of being an AD DC much more cleanly.  Don't use
> BIND9_FLATFILE (we may actually remove it to avoid further confusion). 
 Please don't ... In my experience DLZ setup has more problems than good
multi-master bind9 setup -
     namely records added to one samba DC are not always propagated to
the others (replication working without errors)
    Also, how would it be event possible (without separate server) to
even try setup anything other then BIND....

> Andrew Bartlett

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