[Samba] Extend Samba4 Schema Scope

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.hu
Tue Feb 12 23:41:32 MST 2013

2013-02-13 06:20 keltezéssel, Vijay Thakur írta:
> Hi All Experts,
> I am about to extend our production Samba4 schema to add a few
> intra-organizational attributes (Employee ID,Passport No., Date of
> Joining, Date of Leaving) . How can
> I make change in my samba4 schema.  I have already make a post in the
> forum, but got no reply. Sorry for
> posting again. But precaution should be taken in to prevent the server
> from any damage.
> Kindly help.
> With Warm Regards,
> Vijay Thakur

First of all I suggest setting up a test domain (preferably holding the 
same data as the production one, but on a physically separated network), 
then trying to load the schema mods on that test system. If everything 
goes fine then apply it to the prod network, if not come back with the 
As a starting point I suggest the thread starting with 


Geza Gemes

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