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Mon Dec 23 22:46:00 MST 2013

I don't have any immediate fixes, but I have some ideas about how to
approach the issue. This is fundamentally a performance problem as the
software is behaving like it should--just taking too long to complete
a task. The easiest thing to do may be to get on one of the client
Win7 machines and run task manager with the Page Faults Delta column
displayed in the Processes tab. When the hang happens, look for spikes
in Page Faults Delta. If there aren't any, go to the Performance tab
and look for spikes in CPU usage. If there aren't any, go to the
Networking tab and check whether the network interface is saturated
during the delay. If there aren't any of these problems, we can begin
ruling out the client system(s) as the problem.

Once that's done, try running 'top', 'iotop' and 'iftop' on the server
to get the same information. Once that's done we'll be in a much
better place to troubleshoot.

Oh yeah! I'm new to troubleshooting samba, but for some reason the
string 'oplocks' is floating to the top of my brain... I think I
remember reading something in the documentation about various oplock
(really opportunistic caching) settings causing intermittent
performance issues. Have you looked into that already? Is there a
chance applications on different win7 client systems could be trying
to access the same files on the share at the same time?


On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 6:36 PM, Michael Lustfield <lists at profarius.com> wrote:
> I have a deployment of Windows 7 desktops and a Samba 4 file server running
> on
> Debian 7. The Windows clients have AD policies that tell the desktop to do
> Folder Redirection to the Samba server. This seems to work great except for
> occasional hangs. When the hang happens, some applications on Windows 7
> desktops will just stop responding for 5-15 seconds. Nothing breaks and no
> errors happen, but the hang is very noticeable to the people that experience
> it. I have the samba server at log level 3 and nothing shows up in the logs
> before, during, or after the hang. It seems to happen 10-20 times per day.
> There's nothing in the Windows logs either. I've tried making sure no MS
> Office
> application is running and tried making sure no anti-virus application is
> running.
> I'm completely out of ideas when it comes to trying to track down this
> issue.
> Any tips would be appreciated.
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> Michael Lustfield
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