[Samba] Using samba4 with AD and rfc2307 - what are the *current* practices?

Björn JACKE bj at SerNet.DE
Mon Dec 16 05:53:03 MST 2013

On 2013-12-16 at 10:52 +0000 Rowland Penny sent off:
> Hi, I cannot fully recall all the various problems I had, but it all
> boiled down to the fact that you rename the various debs so that

we faced dependency problems like this in the past with the 3.x packages but
I'm not aware of any of those problems currently or with the previous 4.x

In case you should really use our current packages and see problems, report
them back to us. If you prefer compiling your samba release on your own, this
is perfectly fine.


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