[Samba] NIS to SAMBA4 Migration

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.hu
Sun Nov 25 00:10:34 MST 2012

> I am also struggling to find up to date information on using Samba 4 with
> linux clients. I have managed to get the RFC 2307 fields by installing the
> 'NIS tools' feature on a W2k8 DC, and creating a 'NIS domain'. Previously I
> could see the fields, but could not select a NIS domain in the ADUC tool to
> make the RFC 2307 fields enabled.
I was successful in using Samba4 AD with Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) clients 
using winbind (in nsswitch and pam) and kerberos (pam-krb5)
the relevant changes (to the default config are):
             proxiable = false
     workgroup = YOUR_WORKGROUP
     realm = YOUR_REALM
     kerberos method = system keytab
     security = ads
     winbind enum groups = yes
     winbind enum users = yes
     idmap config *:backend = tdb
     idmap config *:range = 2000001-3000000
     idmap config YOUR_WORKGROUP:default = yes
     idmap config YOUR_WORKGROUP:backend = ad
     idmap config YOUR_WORKGROUP:range = 0-2000000
     idmap config YOUR_WORKGROUP:schema_mode = rfc2307
     winbind nss info = rfc2307
     winbind expand groups = 2
     winbind nested groups = yes
     winbind use default domain = yes
     passwd:         files winbind
     group:          files winbind
pam-auth-update took care of pam configuration (I had to do only afs 
homedirs related changes, irrelevant if you don't use afs)
winbind pulls correctly all the information for the users and group 
which have been posixified.
However with the same config on debian squeeze or wheezy I receive only 
a part of the group memberships, and other nastiness (e.g. getent group 
and id for a group member give different results)
> I'm also trying to find out the correct way to add the autohome nis map. I
> have tried:
> ldbmodify -H /usr/local/samba/private/sam.ldb automount_template.ldif
You shouldn't modify the sam.ldb directly while samba is running instead 
would suggest to use ldbmodify -H ldap://your-ad.server ....
> --option="dsdb:schema update allowed"=true
> But this seemed to fail. I have thought I might need to use the Microsoft
> schema management tool to add the automount schema.

Geza Gemes
>> Hi,
>>   Hello Steve,
>>> The only way I have found to enable those options is to provision with
>>> "--use-rfc2307". We are performing an upgrade from Samba3 and I noticed
>>> that the options were not grayed out after performing a classicupgrade,
>>> but
>>> were grayed out after a "clean" provision. I finally figured out that the
>>> classicupgrade always uses the "--use-rfc2307" flag. This flag will add
>>> the
>>> option "idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes" to your smb.conf, however, it has
>>> been
>>> my experience that adding that to smb.conf post-provision does not enable
>>> the UNIX Attributes options, so the provision option must do something
>>> else. I would like to know if there is a way to enable this after the
>>> fact,
>>> but I've not come up with anything yet. I need to complete further testing
>>> on the actual authentication of Linux clients, Apache, RADIUS and OpenVPN,
>>> but have run into a show-stopper with DNS replication and have moved all
>>> my
>>> efforts to this for the time being. I was able to get Linux clients
>>> authenticating via winbind, but this was before I found out about the
>>> "--use-rfc2307" option and winbind was using auto-generated UIDs and GIDs.
>>> Any notes you come up with would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Thomas.
>>>   Provisioning with --use-rfc2307 also loads the "NIS" schema into AD and
>> thus allows you to set that attributes via ADUC.
>> To do the same after provision you would need to import the schema after
>> provision. The skeleton of it is in /usr/local/samba/share/setup/**
>> ypServ30.ldif
>> on a default install.
>> Regards
>> Geza Gemes
>>   On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 10:38 AM, Steve van Maanen <steve at starsphere.jp
>>>> wrote:
>>>   Hello everyone,
>>>> I am trying to figure out a way to migrate NIS maps to SAMBA4 (I want to
>>>> replace NIS with SAMAB4 for a Linux domain. I have researched a fair bit
>>>> on
>>>> the web but have not found out any solutions and was hoping I could find
>>>> some help here. What I have found so far pertains to Windows
>>>> implementations of Active Directory.
>>>> Here are my questions.
>>>> 1) Is it possible with a default install of SAMBA4 or do I need to extend
>>>> the schema?
>>>> 2) I notice there is a Unix attributes tab for users, when using Active
>>>> Directory users and groups to administer the Samba4 AD, but I am unable
>>>> to
>>>> change the properties. Is there any way I can enable this?
>>>> 3) Has anyone done this and if so, can you offer me some pointers?
>>>> Many thanks!
>>>> Steve
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