[Samba] samba with pacemaker in AD environment

Seth Galitzer sgsax at ksu.edu
Tue May 1 15:32:31 MDT 2012


I'm trying to configure samba in a pacemaker two-node (active/passive) 
cluster.  I am able to fail the services over from one node to another, 
but when I do, I still need to run "net ads join" on the node before 
client users can connect to a share.

In my smb.conf I am specifying the interface of the floating/shared IP 
and the dns hostname for the same.  I am also keeping the metadata 
directories (/var/lib/samba, /var/run/samba, etc.) on shared storage. 
Do I absolutely need to use CTDB in this situation?  I was hoping to 
avoid it by using the shared storage for tdb files, worried that it 
would be adding complexity to an already complex situation.  But if it 
is necessary, I can do it.

Any advice for this kind of configuration?  Anything would be appreciated.


Seth Galitzer
Systems Coordinator
Computing and Information Sciences
Kansas State University
sgsax at ksu.edu

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