[Samba] NEW: Samba4 Project Status Wiki

Charles Tryon charles.tryon at gmail.com
Tue May 1 13:12:36 MDT 2012

(Posted to Samba-technical, but probably should have cross posted here for
people interested in Samba4...)

I have created a Samba4 Project Status Wiki page at:
https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba4/Status.  Actually, the "Status"
page was already there, but hadn't been updated since about 2008.
 Hopefully, we can do better!  The page is currently in a very preliminary
state, with only a couple of features (capabilities?) listed as examples.
 I'm happy to hear other suggestions on how the community can make this
work, but mostly, I'm looking for help!

The intended audience of this page is network admins and users -- those
people trying to build solutions based on Samba4 and its capabilities,
rather than a "bug tracking" page for people writing code.

What we need are either:

(A) developers who will list the features, projects or capabilities they
are working on,


(B) people who are willing to TALK to the Developers to gather relevant
information, and then do the grunt work of keeping the actual text on the
Wiki up to date.

or BOTH...

There have been a couple of suggestions on how to gather the information,
from developers updating their own status on the page, to IRC with
developers, to tracking GIT commit comments.  It really doesn't matter how
you gather information.  The trick is to boil it down and enter it on the
Wiki so other people can find it.  If developers want to send occasional
updates to me, I'll even try to cut-n-paste things for them.


    Charles Tryon
  “Risks are not to be evaluated in terms of the probability of success,
but in terms of the value of the goal.”
                - Ralph D. Winter

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