[Samba] speed of samba vs Windows

Todor Fassl fassl.tod at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 13:49:00 MDT 2012

From: "Robert Heller" <heller at deepsoft.com>
>> the heck is windows.com? If its Microsoft, why isn't the default time 
>> server
>> time.microsoft.com?]
> dig time.windows.com =>
> time.windows.com.       3482    IN      CNAME  time.microsoft.akadns.net.
> time.microsoft.akadns.net. 158  IN      A
> Yes. windows.com is a real live domain name, (owned by Microsoft), and
> time.windows.com is a real host name with actual records.  And it
> appears to be a legit time server.

I should point our ntp servers at it just for giggles.

But I just meant why the heck is the default time.windows.com instead of 
time.microsoft.com?  Wouldn't that make more sense? Richard Stallman could 
own windows.com for all I know. Was it Xerox who invented the original GUI? 
It could be owned by Xerox.

I guess Microsoft doesn't think that way. Windows is Microsoft, Microsoft is 

But we digress.

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