[Samba] speed of samba vs Windows

Todor Fassl fassl.tod at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 13:02:21 MDT 2012

From: "Cain, Marc" <Marc.Cain at seattlecolleges.edu>
e user's profile folder location (though in the case of Active Directory --
delivering additional GroupPolicy behaviors). The client's copy of Windows
is doing the roaming work and it's behavior is determined by local Group
Policy settings.

Oh, that's a really good point. Even if the Windows client is doing some
kind of rsync-like download, it would be initiated by the client, not the
server.  The client is *downloading* the files. The server isn't pushing
them out, "Here, take all these files whether you like it or not." The list
of files to download would be calculated on the client.

I suppose you could argue that if the Windows server supports an rsync-like
protocol and samba does not, it would make sense. But I don't think
something like that could get past the samba developers.

> The only way to really control the amount of data going up and down for 
> true roaming profiles is implementing folder redirection [...]

Right. I mentioned that in my original message. That's the point. I am
pushing the idea that our problem is not using folder redirection and the
Windows guy is pushing the idea that its samba itself. So the boss is like,
"Lets just dump samba and roaming profiles, etc. Its all this work just to
have files backed up. Lets just give everybody a local profile and if they
lose everything in their My Documents folder, too bad."

]Sorry, I didn't relize this list was set to reply to sender. Mark, you are 
going to get 2 copies of this message.]

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