[Samba] speed of samba vs Windows

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Thu Jun 28 13:03:13 MDT 2012

At Thu, 28 Jun 2012 13:46:07 -0500 "Todor Fassl" <fassl.tod at gmail.com> wrote:

> > is it possible that unix file timestamps having a greater precision
> > than ntfs is causing windows to see a "change"?  I know rsync has an
> > option to combat this.
> Well, I have no reason to believe that our Windows guy is correct and that
> Windows downloads only changed files and samba downloads the whole profile.
> I'm guessing he is basing that on how slow logins are. I can guarantee that
> he hasn't actually checked it out. He either thought it up himself or he
> heard it somewhere. Does anyone know if Windows does download only files
> that have changed?
> Something just occured to me... Well, maybe this is a bug in samba but
> probably not. When you join a machine to a domain where a time server is
> configured, it doesn't automatically configure the time servers on the
> client machine.
> On our network, the file server is the PDC. We have redundant BDCs which are
> configured as time servers in samba and are also ntp servers for the linux
> machines. If I boot a linux machine, I can use "ntpq -p" to make sure that
> the machine is getting data from our ntp servers. But if I go into the
> Windows control panel and look at "Date and Time", the server listed there
> is time.windows.com. [Which, as it occurs to me, is also bogus in that what
> the heck is windows.com? If its Microsoft, why isn't the default time server
> time.microsoft.com?]

dig time.windows.com =>

time.windows.com.       3482    IN      CNAME  time.microsoft.akadns.net.
time.microsoft.akadns.net. 158  IN      A

Yes. windows.com is a real live domain name, (owned by Microsoft), and
time.windows.com is a real host name with actual records.  And it
appears to be a legit time server.

> Anyway, it seems to me that if you join a machine to a domain with a time
> server configured, it should show up in "Date and Time" -> Internet Time ->
> Server. But our BDCs aren't even listed there.
> Gawd, I hate Windows. I don't hate Microsoft or Bill Gates. He seems like a
> nice enough guy to me. And I don't blame him for getting to be a
> bzillionaire even though his software kinda sucks. But, still, I hate
> Windows.

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