[Samba] speed of samba vs Windows

Todor Fassl fassl.tod at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 12:46:07 MDT 2012

> is it possible that unix file timestamps having a greater precision
> than ntfs is causing windows to see a "change"?  I know rsync has an
> option to combat this.

Well, I have no reason to believe that our Windows guy is correct and that
Windows downloads only changed files and samba downloads the whole profile.
I'm guessing he is basing that on how slow logins are. I can guarantee that
he hasn't actually checked it out. He either thought it up himself or he
heard it somewhere. Does anyone know if Windows does download only files
that have changed?

Something just occured to me... Well, maybe this is a bug in samba but
probably not. When you join a machine to a domain where a time server is
configured, it doesn't automatically configure the time servers on the
client machine.

On our network, the file server is the PDC. We have redundant BDCs which are
configured as time servers in samba and are also ntp servers for the linux
machines. If I boot a linux machine, I can use "ntpq -p" to make sure that
the machine is getting data from our ntp servers. But if I go into the
Windows control panel and look at "Date and Time", the server listed there
is time.windows.com. [Which, as it occurs to me, is also bogus in that what
the heck is windows.com? If its Microsoft, why isn't the default time server

Anyway, it seems to me that if you join a machine to a domain with a time
server configured, it should show up in "Date and Time" -> Internet Time ->
Server. But our BDCs aren't even listed there.

Gawd, I hate Windows. I don't hate Microsoft or Bill Gates. He seems like a
nice enough guy to me. And I don't blame him for getting to be a
bzillionaire even though his software kinda sucks. But, still, I hate

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