[Samba] remote home no nfs

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Jan 5 01:47:25 MST 2012



I have a stupid question, but im bit lost, and cant find the solution with google. 


I have a samba ( debian ) 3.5.8 with ldap running fine.


Now i added an extra server en want to login on this server also with ssh. 

this works but my users are not allowed to write in there own home folder. 



My setup. 

server 1: debian squeeze 

samba 3.5.8 + ldap 

user folders in /home/users 


server 2: debian squeeze

no samba, i mounted the the remote  folder ( home/users ) on this server in /home/users

( only smbfs and smbclient installed ) 


getent passwd and getent group gives my users and groups.  ( done with nsswitch and libnss-ldap and libpam-nss ) 

I can login with ssh or telnet so this works fine. 


I think the mounted home folder is done wrong, but i need a hint 

this is what i have in /etc/fstab.


//192.168.XXX.2XX/users$    /home/users cifs domain=BAZUIN,username=Administrator,password=XXXXXXX                0       0



yes i know nfs is also an option, but not for me :-( . 


anyone suggestions, this would me my day really good. 




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