[Samba] S4 - Upgrade options from S3

Thys Nel thys.nel.5 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 00:52:47 MDT 2011

We've been running samba3 with an ldap backend for several years now in our
company. We use a separate exchange server for email, requiring users to
keep two separate passwords - one for the domain (samba) and one for

I've been looking at samba4 for a while and am running a test server with
it, built from the latest git source as per the howto description. We would
be quite happy to use the current s4 in production if we could migrate the
user and computer accounts seamlessly (more or less).

I know the upgrade from s3 to s4 is one of the priorities for S4, but
looking through the lists it seems there already are possible usable upgrade
scripts available. It is however not clear exactly what the capabilities or
options are.

Can someone please answer the following questions:

1. From what I see it looks like the upgrade script upgrades an existing s3
installation (on the same machine) to s4. Does it also migrate password
info, i.e. is it possible to do a seamless transition without having to
modify passwords individually?

2. Can the current upgrade script convert s3 user and machine accounts to s4
where s3 uses an ldap backend?

3. If yes, please point me in the right direction re. parameters etc. Can I
export the ldif database and use this as input to the upgrade script? This
would be helpful in that I can leave the production server running
(unmodified) and test the s4 database on a separate test machine.

4. Finally, can anyone confirm that MS Exchange (we use 2003 currently) can
work properly with s4. If so, I'd appreciate any pointers as to the steps
required. (I assume install S4 working, join exchange machine to S4?).

Any help appreciated.


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