[Samba] S4 - Upgrade options from S3

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Fri Sep 9 06:44:32 MDT 2011

Hi Thys,

> We've been running samba3 with an ldap backend for several years now in our
> company. We use a separate exchange server for email, requiring users to
> keep two separate passwords - one for the domain (samba) and one for
> exchange.
> I've been looking at samba4 for a while and am running a test server with
> it, built from the latest git source as per the howto description. We would
> be quite happy to use the current s4 in production if we could migrate the
> user and computer accounts seamlessly (more or less).
> I know the upgrade from s3 to s4 is one of the priorities for S4, but
> looking through the lists it seems there already are possible usable upgrade
> scripts available. It is however not clear exactly what the capabilities or
> options are.
> Can someone please answer the following questions:
> 1. From what I see it looks like the upgrade script upgrades an existing s3
> installation (on the same machine) to s4. Does it also migrate password
> info, i.e. is it possible to do a seamless transition without having to
> modify passwords individually?
> 2. Can the current upgrade script convert s3 user and machine accounts to s4
> where s3 uses an ldap backend?
> 3. If yes, please point me in the right direction re. parameters etc. Can I
> export the ldif database and use this as input to the upgrade script? This
> would be helpful in that I can leave the production server running
> (unmodified) and test the s4 database on a separate test machine.
I copy the technical list for this S4 related question, I guess Amitay 
and Andrew that are taking care of this script will be ready to help
> 4. Finally, can anyone confirm that MS Exchange (we use 2003 currently) can
> work properly with s4. If so, I'd appreciate any pointers as to the steps
> required. (I assume install S4 working, join exchange machine to S4?).
I have doubt it will work with more than 1 DCs, but it's worth trying 
and filling bugs report about this if you want someone to have a look at 
fixing it.


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