[Samba] winbind nsswitch resolving names issue

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Mon Oct 31 13:44:39 MDT 2011

Alessio Tomelleri - ARPAV Dipartimento di Belluno wrote:

> Is not clear to me why if I query my user, randomly it doesn't show mine
> "Domain Local Group", only Global Group... I underline this happen
> randomly, it seems to me...

> Finally I would ask some clarification about "option compat" in
> nsswich.conf, 'cause I've not find in doc and man a clear explanation.

 From Manpage from nsswitch.conf:
   ** Interaction with +/- syntax (compat mode)
   Linux  libc5 without NYS does not have the name service switch but does
   allow the user some policy control.   In  /etc/passwd  you  could  have
   entries  of  the  form  +user or + at netgroup (include the specified user
   from the NIS passwd map), -user or - at netgroup  (exclude  the  specified
   user),  and  +  (include every user, except the excluded ones, from the
   NIS passwd map).  Since most  people  only  put  a  +  at  the  end  of
   /etc/passwd  to  include  everything  from  NIS,  the switch provides a
   faster alternative for this case (`passwd: files  nis')  which  doesn't
   require the single + entry in /etc/passwd, /etc/group, and /etc/shadow.
   If this is not sufficient, the NSS `compat' service provides  full  +/-
   semantics.  By default, the source is `nis', but this may be overridden
   by specifying `nisplus' as source for the pseudo-databases  passwd_com‐
   pat,  group_compat  and shadow_compat.  These pseudo-databases are only
   available in GNU C Library.


That's as much as I know...i.e. will likely use your /etc/passwd/group
unless you have NIS....and GNU provides some GNU specific extensions to 
support similar features.

As to the other prob -- random info returned...you are running samba 
right?  Random results are a key feature!   ;-)

Seriously...do you have something like nscd running or some other
directory service (ldap/yp/nis) that might be returning it's "opinion"
on the information rather than it always going to wb?

(I have lots of probs with wb, so anything I say should be considered with
a full salt container in hand...just in case)...


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