[Samba] NT4 SP3 PDC with MS Exchange 5.5 to Samba 3.x ldapbacked PDC and MS Exchange 5.5 still

Derek Werthmuller dwerthmu at ctg.albany.edu
Fri Oct 28 08:34:02 MDT 2011

Looking to make some changes to an old but working LAN, that has about 10
samba servers serving printers and network shares and a NT 4 PDC server with
Exchange 5.5 on it.  The samba servers are members of the nt4 domain, XP
systems are members of the nt 4 domain also.  Samba servers are ldapbacked.
We use the ldap component directly to login to the Linux servers.

I'd like to be able to support windows 7 clients as domain members, right
now the clients are all XP.  The plan I'm considering is building a new
domain with the latest version of samba 3.x stable series for my RHEL6
servers, join my new windows clients to that domain and create a trust
relationship to the NT 4 domain.  The existing samba servers can be joined
to the new domain so that only the email server will be in the old domain.
The idea behind the trust
relationship is so that entering email for my users can be just a click and
won't have to login again.  We'd want to keep the ldap backend capability

Keeping the exchange is really a stop gap till we can move that function to
the cloud.

Have others done similar upgrades successfully?  Does this sound reasonable?

Is the trust relationship overkill and likely to cause problems? (tell users
to cache the outlook login and be done)


Derek Werthmuller
Director of Technology Innovation and Services
Center for Technology in Government
www.ctg.albany.edu <www.ctg.albany.edu> 

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