[Samba] winbind nsswitch resolving names issue

Alessio Tomelleri - ARPAV Dipartimento di Belluno atomelleri at arpa.veneto.it
Fri Oct 28 05:32:04 MDT 2011


I manage have a mixed enviroment, which is composed by a BDC win2k3 plus
fileserver linux Suse with samba ver. 3.0.22-13.16, an old one I know...

I'm facing an odds behaviour with wbinfo querying by bash console from
my linux desktop (ubuntu 11.04 smb 3.5.8, joined in domain and regularly
I authenticated to). For my purpose I've written this tiny script
"idtest.sh" :


if [ -z $user ]; then
        echo "Usage :  idtest.sh  username_to_search"
        exit 1

for gruppo in `id -G $user`; do
if [ "$gruppo"  -ge "10000" ]; then
  sid=`wbinfo -G $gruppo`
  desc=`wbinfo -s $sid`
  echo $gruppo  - $sid - $desc

exit 0

Is not clear to me why if I query my user, randomly it doesn't show mine
"Domain Local Group", only Global Group... I underline this happen
randomly, it seems to me...

Also, at some point with command "id" I can see all my group but at same
time "wbinfo -r myaccount" doesn't show Local Group again...   And I
need be sure to retrive clearly all domain groups, local and global....

I tried to give a look (a bit in deep as well), to winbind wbinfo smb...
at these matter, but I'm unable to find a clear response, what am I
missing ?

Finally I would ask some clarification about "option compat" in
nsswich.conf, 'cause I've not find in doc and man a clear explanation.

Any help would be appreciated, thx in advance...

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